Polisciguy.com is the web home of Kevin B. Smith, Professor and Chair of Political Science at headshotthe University of Nebraska-Lincoln. He is a researcher with a primary focus on the biology and psychology of political attitudes and behavior. If you’re interested (or just really bored) you can check out why he thinks this is all such a big deal in this book. If you’re genuinely curious about what he does for a living you should a) Get a life, and b) Check out his Google Scholar page which conveniently keeps track of his modest scholarly track record so he doesn’t have to.

Before becoming an academic he was a political reporter and columnist, and he really did spend half a decade or so writing snarky political columns for a living. Besides getting a ceremonial tweed jacket with elbow patches and gaining official entry to the academic elite he’s done other stuff too. He’s worked construction, served as a drill sergeant in the US Army Reserve, got a black belt in Shotokan karate, and learned to play three chords on guitar. Loud. These days, besides indulging his delusions about thinking meaningful thoughts and writing for adoring audiences who follow his every jot and tittle in academic journals, he co-authors a couple of award winning textbooks, and somehow still finds the time to head the mighty knowledge-producing engine that is the UNL Department of Political Science.

This web site is here because his wife kept telling him he need to write a blog and, in a fit of post-election ego, he agreed with her. A new column (he doesn’t actually like the term “blog”) is scheduled to appear every Friday. At least that’s the plan. Though he doesn’t really get the whole social media thing, you can follow him on Twitter @unlpolisciguy, and he’ll at least let you know when his latest eructation of gaseous erudition bubbles out into the virtual ether. You could also try friending him on Facebook, but as most who try this actually end up joining the cyber social empire of the Clerks and Chasing Amy director chances are you will too. That guy gets all the Kevin Smith glory.

All opinions expressed herein carry no endorsement from anyone affiliated with his day job, and he doesn’t carry anyone’s political water except his own. He has conservative tendencies, liberal sympathies, and is in a permanent state of high dudgeon at both major political parties–one gives him a headache and the other a pain three feet lower and to the rear. He has a lot of faith in democratic institutions, but virtually none in voters.